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Termites can do more damage than fires and storms combined. Billions of dollars are spent each year on repairs due to termite infestations. TELIGON'S HUD approved termite inspection and treatment plan is your home's termite insurance. It covers the property even if ownership changes. Certainly, you wouldn't let your home owner's insurance lapse. Let TELIGON keep your property safe with our Termite FREE Guaratee!

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TELIGON'S Termite FREE Guarantee

Upon completion of a subterranean termite treatment, this guarantee issued for the listed property address is in force for one year and is renewable upon receipt of the annual fee on or before the anniversary date.

Should a termite infestation appear while this guarantee is in effect, TELIGON Pest Concepts & Services, LLC will treat the problem at no additional charge.

The property owner is responsible for informing TELIGON of any renovations or structural changes made during the guarantee period. Areas not covered under the initial guarantee will not be included until they have passed an inspection by a TELIGON technician.

TELIGON guarantees low cost treatments plans due to a high rate of satisfaction and low infestation recurrence.

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Known as the silent destroyer, termites often invade the premise without any initial signs of damage. Their diet of cellulose-based plant materials make most homes ideal targets, regardless of construction. They feed on parts of living trees including wood, as well as dead trees and plants. Because their mouths are able to tear apart woody material, an infestation may cause a homes foundation to be compromised. Colonies are usually subterranean with tunnel systems that lead to above ground food sources. Mature termites may have wings and can often be found around windows and are most active during the spring.

Termites are a constant threat to your home. Along with professional treatment, their are some small things that can be done to assist your exterminator with controlling the problem. Start by eliminating food sources and moisture around the exterior of the house. Repair any leaking faucets, water pipes and A/C units; keep gutters and downspouts clean, remove any standing water, seal entry points around water and utility lines. Get rid of any stumps or debris near the house and keep firewood away from the foundation. Check to see if there is any damage to your deck or wooden fence.

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