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In the midatlantic region, high levels of humidity expose the home to the threat of moisture and mold especially in crawl spaces and attics. This can reak havoc on your home's structure along with affecting air quality. Let TELIGON Pest Concepts & Services, LLC help! Our free estimates include moisture inspections. If a problem is found, TELIGON will locate the source of the problem and employ innovative solutions including:

  • Moisture and wood fungus treatments
  • Vapor moisture-blocking barriers
  • Insulation work
  • Vents
  • Moisture meters

TELIGON will clean the area, install sealants to vents and other vulnerable areas, install moisture-blocking barrirers and add monitoring measures to maintain prevention efforts. Because you are your home's number one advocate, we will educate you on how to periodically monitor your home for signs of a moisture breach. We will follow up with periodic inspections to ensure your moisture problem is controlled making your home more energy-efficient.

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